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  1. Jewish Antifascism in Post-World War II Australia

    For Australian Jews in the 1940s and 1950s, remembering the Holocaust meant fighting racism and colonialism. Max Kaiser (PhD in History, 2019) (@maxyka), looks at the histories of Jewish antifascism and its broader implications in post-World War Two Australia in this article, republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Readers are advised this […]

  2. Review of Lucy Frost’s Convict Orphans

    Janet McCalman reviews Lucy Frost's new book, "Determined Survival, Desperate Poverty and Fractured Families: The Stories of Australia’s Convict Orphans".

  3. Poetry: Russia’s War on Ukraine, Part V

    A video-recording of the fifth instalment in this series, featuring Uilleam Blacker, Yuliya Musakovska, Lesyk Panasiuk, Iryna Shuvalova (14 October 2022).

  4. Divya Rama Gopalakrishnan

    Divya Rama Gopalakrishnan (PhD in History, 2023) ‘Venereal Diseases and Bodily Excesses: A Social History of Contagions in the Madras Presidency (c1780 to 1900)’ This thesis investigates the discourses around bodily excess and venereal diseases in colonial South India, or, as it was known in the nineteenth century, the Madras presidency. It highlights the epistemological […]

  5. Lessons from the History of Tobacco Advertising Reform

    “There are uncanny parallels between the public health challenges posed by gambling advertising today and tobacco advertising 50 years ago.” Thomas Kehoe, Honorary Fellow, SHAPS and Historian, Cancer Council Victoria, together with Carolyn Holbrook, Senior Lecturer in History, Deakin University, explore the history of tobacco advertising and its demise, as well as the connection to […]

  6. Assessing Joe Biden’s Place in History

    Speculation over US President Joe Biden’s intention to run for office again is reaching fever pitch. Biden is, reportedly, on the verge of announcing he will indeed seek reelection. Opinion pieces are being churned out at a rapid clip. Polls are being commissioned with a feverish intensity. Liam Byrne (Honorary Fellow in SHAPS) and Emma […]

  7. Essentialising ‘Russia’ won’t end the war against Ukraine

    In this article, republished from the Conversation, SHAPS Hansen Professor in History and Deputy Dean, Mark Edele, reviews Keir Giles's Russia’s War on Everybody and the long historical context of Russia's war on Ukraine.

  8. Natham McCall

    Natham McCall (MA in History), ‘Divergent Dominions: Comparing Pre-First World War Defence Policies of British Dominions and their Effects on the Introduction of Wartime Conscription’ By the third year of the First World War, the voluntary enlistment rates in Australia, Canada and New Zealand had fallen to a level that could not be relied upon […]

  9. Katherine Molyneux

    Katherine Molyneux (PhD in History, 2023) ‘Getihu: Peddlers, Cadres, Housewives and Everyday Exchange in the Chinese City of Nanjing 1949–1985′ In the early 1980s, a growing number of small merchants and peddlers appeared on the streets of China’s cities. They became known as ‘getihu‘. The getihu were early symbols of the new era of ‘Reform […]

  10. Ravando

    Ravando (PhD in History, 2023), ‘A “New Newspaper”: Sin Po and the Voices of Progressive Chinese-Indonesian Nationalists, 1910–1949′ Ravando’s thesis examines the emergence and development of the Chinese-Indonesian-run newspaper Sin Po from 1910 to 1949, focusing on how it shaped political and social thinking and discourses in colonial and post-colonial Indonesia. Ravando argues that Sin […]

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