Introducing Charles Sevigny

Dr Charles Sevigny is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physiology and the Director of Digital Learning for the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Melbourne. After completing his PhD in functional neuroanatomy in the Department of Physiology at UoM in 2012, he became a teaching specialist with a focus on technology-enabled active and blended learning. In 2018 he launched the Virtual Reality Learning studio, developing VR applications for Biomedical Science education and deploying them to cohorts of over 1200 students. He now oversees the Digital Learning Hub in the School of Biomedical Sciences which uses technology to enhance learning and collaboration of both students and academics, with a focus on enabling digital fluency and empowering students to be co-creators and contributors to their learning experience and the global community. The Digital Learning hub is currently developing a education platform, Roslin, which consolidates multiple third party teaching tools for adaptive student-centred learning.

In 2017, Charles won the University’s David White Award for Teaching Excellence for enabling individual and collaborative learning in large cohorts, and in 2020 won the Australian Physiological Society’s Michael Roberts Award for Teaching Excellence for his active engagement and excellence in teaching and learning, focus and development of digital learning modalities and recognition of his outstanding pastoral care.