Keep Smelling The Bacon (JaKe)

I Smell Bacon……..


Must be the smell of a new blog!

‘Allo there chaps! Whilst many people far and wide yell from the highest of mountains and lowest of sinking holes, “Jake”, I often parade myself on the internet as “Flavatheburrito”, or, if I’m felling especially regal, “Charles Huntingon” becomes my adopted personality. Take whatever name that floats your boat.

I realise I should have written this long ago, but let’s just say I’m Sean Connery and as a 007 can do whatever the hell I want, when I want. Yeah, sounds good, let’s go with that.

Let’s go with the quick summary part of my life:

  • I was born at 4:44am
  • I seem to grow a Mexican-styled mustache.
  • I hail from the almighty, tiny island of Malta. For those of you who have no idea where the hell that is, blame the geographers who make atlas’. WE ARE A COUNTRY TOO!!! We’re just, smaller than the size of Melbourne, that’s all. Here is a completely accurate visual depiction of where we are:
You know your country has an issue when the labeling text is bigger than your country…

But I guess you’ll want some Unimelb background info on myself. Here we are:

  • I’m a First Year BCom Student, majoring in Economics and Finance
  • I hope to do the JD (post-graduate law degree) and become a kick-ass, super-cool lawyer (look out Harvey Specter)
  • I’m part of MUDS – Melbourne University Debating Society
  • I really, really like university food.


Although, this probably isn’t the best time to be writing: I’ve slept 5 hours or less over the past 2 weeks, my body is exhausted after a two-hour cricket gym training session, and i’m in my underwear. We don’t need to go into why, i’m sure that’s plenty of information, but this GIF may suffice.

For those avid First Year Unimelb readers, you’ve probably noticed that everyone on this blog page delves into their weekly story around the uni, providing tips on how to survive and all that jibber-jabber (It is good reading, no friendly fire here, old sport!). But I feel like this blog needs a twist, something to jiven up those old bones and go all out crazy! Here’s the stitch: I don’t have a clue what to do. So. in light of the current Student Elections Week (also known as: Death by Pamphlets), I’m putting a completely, non-biased, non-invasive democratic suggestion box on this blog. Comment your suggestions below and we can deliberate whats crazy enough to float with. I personally think video interviews in a sombrero and cape will go down well……each for their own.


Some realistic ideas may be:

  • Some “A Current Affair” style reporting on the most atrocious of minor offences and immoralities within the university (why should I line up for 10 minutes for a free hotdog, gosh!)
  • “what not to do” at uni sections
  • Campus food review – I highly encourage this idea
  • Anything else?


That’s all we have time for folks.


I’ve been FlavatheBurrito. Keep Smelling The Bacon, Melburnians.




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  1. Phoebe-Mae says:

    After reading this I want bacon, hot dogs, burritos and to sit down and watch James Bond! This was very happy reading haha

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