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  1. Hey there! 👋

    Hey guys! Now that exams are finally over, I thought I’d get around to publishing my introductory post as a new member of the JD blog team. My name is Sam and I’ve lived in Melbourne all my 18 years. I’m a first year Science student at UniMelb, currently enjoying my break after having to […]


  2. Hi, my name is… (Katherine Olivia)

    You may know me from the time I fell down the stairs walking into my AusPol lecture, or perhaps you’ve seen me nestled under a tree on South Lawn, enjoying the plethora of free food opportunities we always seem to have on campus. For everyone else, an introduction is in order! I’m Katherine, another newbie […]


  3. It's Madeline, It's Madeline (Madeleine Lily)

    Hello friends! I hope you all got the reference to the cartoon show, circa 1990. If not, here is a picture of her looking adorable as always, and my condolences for your depleted childhood! So “Madeline” and I share the same name, if you didn’t already figure, but that’s about the extent of our similarities. […]


  4. Preparing for those awkward, week 1 get-to-know-you activities (Simone)

    To anyone who is not yet at uni, or who is about to begin this semester, I must warn you that one of the hardest questions you will be asked in your first tutorial for each subject actually sounds deceivingly simple: ‘Please tell the class your name and one interesting thing about yourself’. If you […]


  5. Calling the 1,000,000,000th Arts student! (Luke)

    So I woke up this morning at (*gasp*) 7am for what I’d call a very mundane day at uni, the tours, the “welcomes”, blah blah blah! I am happy to say that the highpoint to my week will come tonight at the M-ASS O-WEEK party and tomorrow night at the Melbourne Uni “Sexy Party”. I […]