Please…I need SUSTENANCE! (Tharidi)

Hey guys! Recently I’ve been in a bit of a slump trying to figure out what to write creatively about. With all the critical/analytical thinking I’ve had to do for assignments, getting the imaginative part of my brain to work has been a bit of a struggle. Admittedly, I don’t have that much of an eventful life to inspire my writing, but after a lecture today I learnt that the mundane can be just what you need to get your creative juices flowing! With that in mind, I came up with some writing prompts to share with you!

  • Notice someone off in their own world? Write about them.
  • Pick 5 words from different store signs. Can you make a story out of them?
  • Write about your name. Does it mean anything? Do you like it? Is there someone you loathe who has the same name?
  • Pick the first/last word from someone else’s story/poem. See if you can go on from there.
  • Eavesdrop on a stranger’s conversation. There’s the start for your dialogue.
  • Make a story about a meme (cuz why not???)
  • What was the last thing you ate? Personify that food item.
  • Write in the perspective of your pet.
  • Are you a coffee addict? Write about the power coffee has over you.
  • Someone around you is wearing headphones? Write about what they could be listening to. Maybe something you’d never expect?
  • Wishing you weren’t in a tute/lecture/at uni? Make a story about what you’d rather be doing. The more fantastical the better!
  • Someone around you is speaking in a language you don’t understand? Write about what you think they might be saying.

And finally, if nothing else works:

  • Write about how you have nothing to write about.

Hope this helps!

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  1. Ariana says:

    Not nonsense at all – having a writing prompt really helps. Setting a timer and just letting yourself free write whatever comes to mind helps too. Happy writing!

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