Anyone out there?

It’s late, my eyes itch, the assignment I pretended didn’t exist hasn’t disappeared and my pieces are not learning themselves.  But I did build a new veggie patch with my Dad today so that’s something.  I say built, but really there’s just a big, soon to be muddy, mess.

Anyway.  The point is this page is active, you’re on it (hello there) and I’m on it (woohoo!) posting about my life studying a Bachelor of Music at the Con.  That’s short for Conservatorium of Music, don’t worry, I had no idea the first time either.  Turns out musos love having fancy names for things that are actually really simple.

There are a bunch of other jaffy’s posting on this page as well, which is great, because this Covid world has been completely isolating.  It’s nice to know that those voices I hear coming from blank Zoom screens actually do belong to real people.

So, hey there!  How’s it going?  I probably should have started this way, but the stuff I write up here will rarely be thought out and it might not be relevant or even mildly interesting for you.  I hope it is, even just a little.  Point is, I’ll write it anyway, so feel free to check in anytime.


Tonight’s listening: ‘If I Never Say a Word’ by Matt Corby.  Or anything by Matt Corby really


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