Check-In Time! #1

11:06pm, Singapore. I have just spent the past 5 minutes watching an ant crawl on my room wall… what a great use of my time.

As a Singaporean, I would frequently complain how hot the weather is due to our tropical climate. These few days, it seems to be raining non-stop. Can’t understand why, but I’m loving it! I tried a hoodie on for the first time today (yes I have no idea what cave I’ve been living under. Don’t judge me please!!) and I feel like a really comfy burrito hehe 🙂

Anyways, how’s everyone? Rushing that assignment (or two? Yikes.) I feel you, I was in that position yesterday.

It’s Week 7 of uni, I can’t even imagine. It was World Suicide Prevention Day last week (September 10th), so just a reminder to check in on yourself and those around you!

After 7 weeks of Unimelb Zoom University (lol), here are some things I have learnt! Feel free to leave a comment below of what are your key takeaways these past 6/7 weeks!

  1. The art of waking up 10 minutes before class, and turning up to tutorial looking like a garbage can. Then again, that’s where the mute and hide camera function comes in handy.
  2. Speaking of the mute and camera function, although Zoom clearly states that one is muted and camera’s off, I can’t help but overthink. What if this is all just a sham? What if this was all some April Fool’s Joke, and there are secret spies spying on my every move and reporting back to the host? (yes charlene, calm your crazy.)
  3. Getting kicked out of the call time and again. Shoutout to my lovely home internet.
  4. Finding out how to share screen, as well as the reaction button. Yes, I can imagine some readers snorting with laughter at this–I’m a tech noob, I know.
  5. Learning to live with new-found embarrassing situations. There was this one tutorial last week where I thought my mic wasn’t working as I couldn’t hear anyone. I frantically texted the group chat, only to realize– it was a class assignment and everyone was muted, including the tutor. Way to go, Charlene! But I guess it was an honest mistake to make, and I learnt to just laugh over it and move on with life. Thinking about what to have for lunch seemed like a better use of my brain space than getting embarrassed.

That’s it for now! Signing off!

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