Good book recommendations???

Yes, yes, I know that there are already 8 books sitting next to my bed waiting to be read BUT *whispers* I want another one.

So I’ve been reading this big old book for a while, and this is not to say I didn’t love it, but it took me a long time and I need to shake it up a little (cue tonight’s listening).

It really got me thinking about those big questions.  Fundamentally, why do people do the things they do?  Is it all pre-determined?  I’m not talking in a religious, God-planned-it-all-even-you-scratching-your-nose thing, but when considered in retrospect, how much free will do we actually have?  This book was about war, written by someone who spent lots of time wondering how on earth these horrendous and useless things happen.  A person much smarter than me but has no more answers than I do.  People are complicated, who knew!  They always have and always will be.  Anyone who tells you otherwise obviously doesn’t read enough.


what is everyone reading?


Tonight’s listening:  ‘On The Radio’ Donna Summer  (Warning: do not listen if you don’t like to dance)

4 thoughts on “Good book recommendations???

  1. Haha, I know the feeling! Can’t have enough books can you?!
    I’ve been in love with autobiographies these past months – reading about stuff people accomplished before covid happened. Try ‘I am Malala’ if you haven’t, ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama (the hype was very well deserved if you ask me) or (admittedly not an autobiography but my all time favourite) – ‘How to stop worrying and start living’ by Dale Carnegie.

    1. Thanks for the recommendations! I definitely need to start reading more autobiographies, you forget how interesting real people can be

  2. Can’t think of any… the last self help book I read was ‘How to make friends…’, but I can’t recommend it. I don’t think it works, I still don’t have any friends on facebook 😒

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