Week 6: A-Tisket, A-Tasket

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As someone who has pictured themselves in a great deal of eccentric situations (like having hands for feet and feet for hands), I never once pictured myself writing a blog post, so here we go!! Here’s a quick little self-intro~


Pseudonym: Cherie

Year: Third

Course: Bachelor of Science


Wig: Snatched

Hotel: Trivago



With all jokes aside, here is a little brain dump I’ve decided to type up on my notes app at 1:51AM in my snug, floofy blanket (one of the best inventions of all time, I rest my case).

As the little girl loses her yellow basket in the song (I am not insane just yet, see title for reference), I am quite literally losing my sanity (AHA! all in the span of a sentence geez) with the attack of assessments and lectures piling up! These days, it always seems like there is something to do; the tidying up of a desk, the mental planning for tomorrow, the overthinking before replying a text, as if our lives have an incessant heartbeat screaming at us to keep going.

However, in the midst of this (admittedly) self-induced chaos, I have started feeling sentimental about my university experience. Maybe it’s the “romanticizing studying” tiktoks that keep appearing on my social media feed, or the recurring reminder that it is my final year before I delve into “adulting”, but I have come to appreciate the homely, albeit short (screw you Covid), pockets of time on campus. From staring at the Zambrero lines in awe to getting a cute stamp on a Castro card, I realise how important it is to immerse yourself with your surroundings as moments are fleeting and life goes on☹ so here’s a timely reminder to me (and maybe you too!) to stay grounded and grateful.

DUN DUN DUN! I thus declare my personal challenge this week to be participate in a club event! I blame the 2AM epiphany (seriously though, why does this happen @scientists), but I’ve decided it’s a great idea to try something new every week for the remaining… 6 (!!!) weeks (!!!) I have left. And update each week for accountability or public shame should I fail to attain accomplishment hohoho >:) Just looking at the website, there are so many events (https://umsu.unimelb.edu.au/things-to-do/events/) to choose from AHHHHHHH

To all the extroverts out there, I truly am envious of your ability to literally SPEAK and have WORDS come out of your mouth (…where else would words come from ahfipdnwfs) – this is coming from someone who gives “have you ever had a dream” vibes in public 24/7 (T o T)/~~

Anyways – join me on my snack-infused journey as I attempt to stubbornly make up my lost years to Covid with the heart, mind and soul of an enthusiastic first year throughout the rest of 2022! And as we bid this chilly winter goodbye, let’s welcome spring (and September!) with open arms 🌸

annotated photo of grattan street

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2 thoughts on “Week 6: A-Tisket, A-Tasket

  1. Go you! Nothing to lose and everything to gain -and a little break from assignments that will only make you return with more energy.

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