hey it’s steph!!

Hello everyone, I’m Steph, a local Melbourne girlie. Despite living here my whole life, I still don’t know my way around the city (even with the assistance of Google Maps) or my own neighbourhood for that matter, so I doubt I’ll ever know my way around the uni campus. I am the last person you want to ask for directions when you’re lost. My only advice to my fellow poor navigators is to download Lost on Campus. That app has seriously been my lifesaver these past couple of weeks.

Anyways, getting a little sidetracked (typical me). I’m one of the many Bachelor of Science students taking BIO10008 and CHEM10003 on top of the science compulsory. My breadth for this semester is Business Law (don’t worry, it’s not as intense as it sounds). No one prepares you for how fast the content is taught, my brain is running in circles from the difference in the functions of DNA ligase, polymerase and synthase or how electrons behave like WAVES. It requires a lot of self-discipline (which I lack) to stay on top of all your work and maintain a social life. (kudos if you already inferred that I’m already behind on my work)

I would say my personality likes to flip back and forth between introverted and extroverted. I’m someone who likes to enjoy Melbourne’s nightlife with some menace behaviour (which we won’t elaborate on). In order to recharge my social battery, I’m an avid reader of a wide range of genres. If I were to pick a favourite, it would be fantasy. Gonna wrap this post up with some book recs:

The Poppy War – R.F Kuang

Mistborn: The Final Empire – Brandon Sanderson

These Violent Delights – Chloe Gong

Know My Name – Chanel Miller

That’s it from me! See you next time!! Steph out!

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