Save your files.

I spent two and a half hours doing a Computing practice exam. I went away to wash the dishes and came back to a blank paper. I forgot to save — a cardinal sin for a programmer.

It’s not too bad because the thought process was what mainly took up all the time, but of course, rewriting doesn’t feel too good. I might have been a bit grouchy with my brother, who only wanted to show me his saved TikTok videos. (I would likely have found some of them funny because I practically raised his sense of humour.) I did apologise to him, but you never know when some moment clicks for a kid and locks in their perception of the world for a life-altering amount of time. I always think about the “not now, son” meme. I felt guilty, so I couldn’t focus on rewriting my exam either.

Hopefully, this came off as more relatably loopy than purely loopy.

To make this post deserving of being posted on a UniMelb-affiliated site, I should end with advice: Don’t forget to save your files. Maybe print them, actually.


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