I Got Shoved…? + Exams Are Underrated!

So, I’ve just realised that I’ve missed more than one or two blog posts. Whoops! Time really does fly in 1st year. Speaking of flying, I flew onto my back after getting shoved in Brunswick (about 3km north of campus). Yeah, I won’t be the first or last person to tell you that 1st year isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Around evening time, after grinding some study away at Uni, I went to buy some groceries before I returned back to my apartment. Just waiting for the tram. Out of nowhere, some guy walked through with his bike, and figured there wasn’t enough pavement space for the two of us. He “accidentally” elbowed me pretty hard in the stomach, then walked straight past, like nothing happened.

I’ll be honest, it was pretty funny at first. I tried not to laugh, because who has the time and energy to shove a guy waiting for the tram with his groceries? Bruh. No one was around, so it wasn’t worth the risk to get help or start a big scene. He left as quickly as he came, didn’t bat an eye, turn around or make any snarky comments either. Just left. I’m okay though, no injuries or anything. Just shocked by this weird, crazy, but unforgettable experience.

What’s my point? Well, this was definitely a rare incident, and there are many things you could probably take away. Maybe don’t get groceries by yourself too late at night, and watch out for yourself. Oh yeah, and stuff like this is bound to happen to at least a few unlucky people, 1st year or not.

The number of positive experiences I’ve had over the last half a year have definitely outweighed things like this though. Speaking of positive experiences…I want to share my hot take: exams are underrated! If you hate sitting and preparing for exams and think I’m crazy, let me explain myself and maybe change your mind a bit.

I sat last semester’s exams in the Royal Exhibition Building. It was cool. Period. I remember asking one of my friends “Hey, did you look up and see all the cool paintings (forgive me if they’re not paintings, I ain’t no artist) on the roof?” They said I was crazy if I had enough time to admire a roof during an exam. Point being, at least some exam venues in Uni have a nice environment.

And the routine and motivation I get from studying and exam prep? It keeps me grounded during the semester. I wake up, I know what I’ve got to do, and that’s such a great feeling. Yeah, it gets tedious at times, but I came here to study and learn a bunch…you know, the whole “Wominjeka” idea is inspiring here! We aren’t just presented with a boring old “welcome,” but we’re asked and reminded as students to “come with purpose.” If exams are a part of the process, then I’ll greet those damn exams with a warm welcome myself!

Holidays are over now though. I could just wake up and do whatever I wanted a month ago. It was nice while it lasted. Catching up on all the clarinet practice hours I missed last semester, and balanced with some absolute gaming timewasters.

But I’m glad to get started with the new semester. I kind of missed the routine of school a bit, not going to lie (call me a weirdo if you want, ha). Anyways, thanks for checking in!

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