Looking for a funded PhD or MPhil scholarship?

The Australian Grains Pest Innovation Program (AGPIP) is offering 4 fully funded scholarships at the University of Melbourne for potential PhD or MPhil students interested in cutting-edge science, environmental sustainability and agricultural innovation.

AGPIP is a collaboration between the PEARG and cesar.

The program is aimed at improving the sustainability of invertebrate pest management practices among Australian grain growers through the development of novel technologies, improved insecticide resistance forecasting and management options, development of chemical and beneficial insect stewardship resources and high impact extension material.

Students working under the program can expect:

  • Applied research with real world impact
  • Innovative and cutting-edge science
  • Access to state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment
  • Working collaboratively with industry
  • Exposure to variety of research areas and activities
  • Supervision by world leading researchers

Research topics include:

  • Interactions between symbionts and virus transmission for agricultural pest control
  • A genetic investigation of bacterial symbionts in vector aphids
  • Manipulating bacterial symbionts in aphids for improved pest control
  • Exploring interactions between symbionts and parasitoid wasps
  • Understanding the real costs of neonicotinoids in Australian agriculture
  • Predicting migration cues in aphids
  • Exploring the role of plant stress in pest outbreaks
  • Investigating the role of knowledge types in pest management decision-making
  • Exploration of the environmental factors influencing knowledge transfer

For more information email (pearg-queries@unimelb.edu.au).

AGPIP is a collaboration between the Pest & Environmental Adaptation Research Group at the University of Melbourne and cesar. The Program is a co-investment by the Grains Research and Development Corporation and the University of Melbourne, together with in-kind contributions from all program partners.