Children, Knowledge, Country: Music-based strategies for teaching and learning in the Kimberley

2014–2018 Children, Knowledge, Country: Investigating music-based strategies for teaching and learning in the Kimberley

ARC Linkage Project – Sally Treloyn (lead CI)

Sally Treloyn (University of Melbourne), Kathryn Marsh (University of Sydney), Jane Davidson (University of Melbourne), Andrea Emberly (York University and University of Western Australia), Rona Goonginda Charles and Patsy Bedford (Kimberley Language Resource Centre)

Through collaborative research and an innovative approach to assessing music-based teaching and learning, this project will identify strategies to support Aboriginal stakeholders and organizations in the Kimberley region of Western Australia in their efforts to maintain and sustain critically endangered cultural practices and knowledges. Researchers from the Kimberley Language and Resource Centre, York University (Toronto), The University of Melbourne, and The University of Sydney will engage with Aboriginal teachers and practitioners in remote communities to survey, identify, analyse and develop innovative strategies for music-based teaching and learning on Country, in communities, and in classroom contexts.