Current Graduate Researchers

Andrew Morrumburri Dowding (Ngarluma), PhD (IAC) candidate
Yirraama computer! Sing to me computer!: Locating Thabi song traditions in a digital world


Carissa Lee (Wemba Wemba), PhD (IAC) candidate
Theatre as ceremony: cross-cultural collaboration, representation, and Indigeneity in Australian theatre


Ngardarb Francine Riches (Bardi-Jawi, Karajarri), PhD (CFI) candidate
Healing through Art: My Practice


Nicole Paul (Métis, Cree, Sioux), Master of Fine Arts (IAC) candidate
Intergenerational Knowledge Transmission: the Role of Art as Resilience and Cultural Reclamation


John Wayne Parsons (Yuggerra and Ugarem Le), PhD (IAC) candidate
Finding Wakai (Voice) Finding Ged (Place): continuing Yuggera and Ugar cultural practice as a Melbourne-based performer


Rheannan Port (Lama Lama, Ayapathu, Kuku Yalanji), Master of Fine Arts (Dance) candidate
Researching the connection between DNA, cultural epistemology, and identity through dance


Fred Gesha (Meriam Mer, South Sea Vanuatu – Kanaka), Master of Fine Arts (IAC) candidate
How is Aboriginal living ceremony and protocol still practiced along the Murray River?


James Howard (Jaadwa), PhD (IAC) candidate
Understanding connections to place through the application of sound technology and compositional practice