@MelbCSHE #XRBootCamp 2022 Summary @Toddstretton @Aiello_Stephen https://doi.org/10.26188/20103530.v1 and https://doi.org/10.26188/20113523.v1

The Immersive Reality BootCamp ran over 4 sessions 20th-23rd June 2022

Notes and links to resources are available at:

Recording of the Introductory Webinar is available at:

Recording of the Expert Panel Discussion is available at:

  • Cochrane, Thomas; SEVIGNY, CHARLES; Stretton, Todd; Aiello, Stephen; LOVERIDGE, BENJAMIN; Birt, James; et al. (2022): Immersive Reality BootCamp Panel. University of Melbourne. Media. https://doi.org/10.26188/20113523.v1

Photos from the DLH HMD Workshop on 22nd June:

Photos from the Arts Digital Studio CAVEs on 23rd June: