About me (Garry)

I think mine is gonna be the first post. Anyways, I’m 21, from Singapore and I’m studying Media and Communications here in Melbourne University. My first impression of the university was that it’s huge. I got lost all the time. In fact, I sometimes still have to refer to my student diary to find my way around(there’s a map in there). The buildings are pretty interesting though – You have the plain old square-ish ones, the Harry Potter-lookingones, those that look like great cathedrals and then one or two which look like giant bushes(cos of the creepers growing all over). The clubs and societies on campus are varied, to say the least: More Beer, Amnesty, Chocolate Lovers, PIRATES, African Drumming, Juggling, Hacky Sack, a handful of political societies(numbers of which seem to be increasing weekly), a film society and a wide range of sports and martial arts clubs. Sometimes though it can feel like an information overload. There’s posters and flyers screaming out for your participation pasted everywhere, notice boards sneaking out from every corner and lots of information platforms on the uni website(LMS,Webraft,Airport etc).

My favourite places to go on campus are the ERC library(for its incredible DVD collection) because I just love watching films. A good place to study(for me anyway), is one of the higher floors of the Ballieu Library. It’s really quiet there and it’s pretty much just you and the bookshelves in the early evening.

Alrighty then, I’ve got to go now. I’m not doing the whole campus housing/sharehouse/share-apartment thing. I’ve gone farm-stay. It’s really cheap except I hate how often I have to shave the sheep, brand the koalas and milk the dog every morning. It’s also a bitch having to drive the tractor to and from uni. You should see the looks the tram drivers give me.

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    1. Q says:

      Wow, milking dogs sounds really fun 😀 But wait, if you’re driving the tractor on the same road as the trams, couldn’t you just catch the tram instead? Public transport for the win! (Except maybe not.)

      The Rowdy has a damn good DVD collection too, if you’re a union member. 🙂

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