Remember that time I had a 2000 word essay due in three (full uni) days and have only opened a possibly useful website? (Victoria)

I wish Criminological texts weren’t so dull. I mean, the content can be pretty interesting and I actually liked doing my last assessment but now the thought of reading a good handful of academic crim texts makes me wanna stay in bed forever. This is probably why I stay in my pjs all day every day. Well that and I like to show off the teddy bear pyjama pants my mummy made me.

But it’s halfway through the semester now and I should really start doing work. Things now are relevant to my exam period essays and as soon as this assignment is done I’ll have to start work on my Creative Writing monologue. Then my Ecology wiki. Then my next Reason essay. Then I will do nothing for a long time because teaching weeks will be over and I will sleep my way until “exams” are due. I say “exam” because I specifically chose subjects that had no exams, but exam period assessments. I also have no group tasks.

Question to any Arts students (Simone?) what do you think of the AF skills workshops? Honestly, I’m contemplating reading ahead in the labs to see which of the next two weeks looks better to skip because I have absolutely no interest in them past the hurdle requirement.

2 Responses to “Remember that time I had a 2000 word essay due in three (full uni) days and have only opened a possibly useful website? (Victoria)”

  1. Simone says:

    Feeling exactly the same at the moment Victoria, it’s like suddenly we’re amidst a whole lot of study to do, a dreaded never ending list!

    I don’t mind my AF skills workshop – my tutor is nice, I feel like he really wants to help us. But at the same time at points it does gets a bit dry, a very long hour. The last workshop we had I found kind of intimidating! Like instead of showing us how to write a university standard, academic essay it was ‘not what to do’, words not to use, and so freaked me out a bit!

  2. Victoria says:

    Too much to do. Yet I’ve been home two and a half hours, had dinner, made two unnecessary phone calls and gone up a level in the game on my phone and no progress on my essay.

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