And so… the Jaffy Games begin, and I am your Haymitch

…Not that university is necessarily likened to The Hunger Games, of course. Starting university is exciting, albeit a little scary. But who better to impart some wisdom and knowledge than someone who is doing first year for the second time? (Yes, you read that correctly).

Fifth week is coming on strong, with the onset of mid-semester tests and assessments. I know how you feel. Trust me, I really do.

So to help calm the nerves, here are a few tips to ease your way into MST season:

  1. Go to your lectures. And your tutes. And your pracs (please please please go to your pracs). Most of what is mentioned in these classes are examinable- and besides, wouldn’t absorbing new facts and working towards that H1 be so much more productive than going to the beanbag room at the Rowdy?
  2. Don’t be afraid to stay back at lectures or seminars and ask questions! Lecturers are there for a reason- they want you to learn at least one thing, so you’ll find that they’re very eager to help you out. No time? Social awkwardness paralysing? Then no worries- shoot them an email! It might take longer for you to get an answer, but at least you don’t waste time trying to Google it.
  3. Speaking of Google, it’s a great resource. It really is. But maybe look towards your prescribed or recommended textbooks- they’ll probably have more relevant information in there. Sometimes questions on the exams are even based off the practice questions in the book! (Pssst Biology students, take the hint). If you happen to be a science student like me, there will usually be additional resources that the lecturers themselves put up- I love love love ChemCAL.
  4. Done your MSTs and not happy with your results? No stress! MSTs count for very little in the scheme of things. They are really just implemented to help you gauge how much you’re absorbing/understanding the content, so this is a good time to either pull up your socks big-time or keep up the great work! Make sure to make notes on where you went wrong so you can cover any blank spaces. (Oh man Taylor Swift, what are you doing to me?)

This may sound corny, but I really do want everyone to do well- especially at their first year of university. It’s a tough learning curve but hey- I believe in you.



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  1. Ariana says:

    Absolutely! You CAN do this! 🙂

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