Choosing Your Breadth/Elective Subjects

Throughout my first semester of uni, I’ve been hearing students saying, “what is the most bulgiest/elective subject for breadth?” or “I’m doing a bulge subject/elective, because I want things to be easy.” That’s a fair enough statement, that you’d like to do a bulge subject (easy, light weighted subject) to have a break. But have you thought about how it would benefit you in the future? Hmm… probably not.

I’d say, choose your breadth/elective subjects that would associate to your potential career pathway in the future. Use your credits wisely. Take the advantage in exploring your interests that tie into your future. For instance, if you would like to be a teacher in the future, take Education subjects as your breadth. Or if you would like to tie in Marketing into the Music Industry, choose Marketing as your breadth. You have three years in your Bachelor Degree, so I highly suggest to research potential breadth/elective subjects that you need in the future, rather than having ‘an easy life’ in your breadth/elective subjects. If we’re paying a lot of money to study in uni, studying/doing what we love, you might as well choose a breadth/elective subject that really do benefit you for the future.

For instance, I would like to be a music therapist, music teacher, or play therapist in the future. So therefore, I would take Psychology (MBB1 and MBB2), and almost all of the Education Subjects available, which fills up all my breadth credit instantly. For my music elective subjects, I have chosen music therapist subjects, ensembles electives and technical classes (such as Alexander Technique) to benefit myself as a performer. Boom, done!

If you have so many extra breadth/elective subjects that is over the top of the suggested credit points available, you can study them for fun. However, it won’t count into your credits. Besides, if you’re doing subjects that overrides your needed credits, I wouldn’t bother. Just choose your top subjects that would benefit you mostly, or you have a strong interest of. Nevertheless, if you’re stuck on choosing your subjects, go with what you’re passionate with, or how interested you are in that particular subject.

Here’s summary of what I’m trying to say here:

  • Choosing a budge subject could be a waste of time for you
  • Please choose your subjects that will tie into your career aspirations
  • Choosing a breadth/elective subject is what explores your pathways for the future
  • Interests and strong passion towards your chosen breadth/elective is a way to go
  • Absorb your chosen breadth/elective subject as much as you could; you only have three years in your Bachelor Degree, might as well learn as much as you can
  • Got an intense elective/breadth subject? Always write down why you’re doing that subject, what are your reasons, etc to motivate you.

Extra things before I finish up this post:

  • Surprisingly, a few or some of my breadth/elective subjects is the most bulgiest subjects of all, and I’m not complaining about that actually. Hahaha. I’m choosing of what I love, and what would benefit me in the future. So, I guess I’ll be having a good time for the next two and a half years. Hahaha.
  • If you’d like to do Music as a breadth, please do ask me questions about it! I can help you with what I’ve heard, or what I’ve experienced so far. 🙂
  • Just a heads up for the people who chose a language as their breadth subject!
    Things will get harder as you progress in your chosen language. So, I highly suggest to work hard, and keep your head up. Practise is the key! Don’t let my opinion discourage you in taking a language! I’m just simply letting you know. Haha. If you love it, stick with it. 🙂

Suggested music for this post?
Sorry, don’t have a chosen song that relates to this post. However, there’s this song that I’ve been loving recently! It’s called, Day in June by Kid Astray. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Choosing Your Breadth/Elective Subjects

  1. Hi there, don’t know if this post is still monitored.
    I’m planning to take a Music subject as a breadth subject. It’s Electronic Dance Music technique. It’s a level 2 subject and doesn’t have any prerequisites. I myself have a little music background, so the big question is: Will it be too hard for me to straightly enter a level 2 subject in Music like this?

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