Welcome! Everything is Fine!

Welcome! Everything is Fine!

Did ya get that? That sneaky little Good Place reference? No? Well that’s ok because there are plenty more where that came from.

I’m Jess.
I’m a Bachelor of Music Student and probably one of the most awkward humans on the planet. It’s true.
I’ve got more awkward stories than parents have embarrassing stories of their children.
Im constantly tripping over non-existent objects, mixing the order of my words (e.g I’m teeling fired) and there may have been an instant where I accidentally shook someone’s arm instead of their hand because I misjudged the distance. That’s enough proof of that for now. Trust me when I say I’ll have a whole list to share with you by the end of the year!

SO, Bachelor of Music Student. We get bad rep. sometimes for being lazy, but we’re (surprisingly) not. We play hard and we practice hard. We’re also not all classical music nerds, and while that is definitely by no means a bad thing (I’m always impressed by people who know so much about classical music), I don’t really fit into that category. And a lot of other people probably don’t either. For all you know, there are some total rap gods in the Bachelor of Music degree that you didn’t know about. Crazy, right?

One thing y’all should know about me is that I live and breathe weird. Between my clumsiness and total ridiculousness as a human, I think Crocs can make an outfit, and that everything tastes better microwaved. It’s a truth to live by. Day-old pizza tastes MUCH better than fresh pizza is all I’m saying.

In all this weirdness, through my time as a first-year blogger I’ll be here to tell you about all my problems and mistakes I make so that you don’t have to make them!
I have a whole bunch of things to talk about that I wanted answered before I came to Uni, ranging from what beginning language classes is like (especially if you’ve never been good at them *stares pointedly at self*), the best food on campus, and what to do when you’ve got hours to kill before your next class.
I’ve got ya covered!

May we meet again! (⋆ʾ ꆚ ʿ⋆)۶⁾⁾⿻

Jess out ヽ( ˘з˘ )ゝ

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  1. Ariana says:

    Great first post, Jess. And it’s true – I much prefer next day pizza, too!

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