don’t worry, be happy

There’s something that I want to use this platform for more than anything, something that is really important to me – opening up the discussion about mental health.

As a high school student I both dreaded and yearned moving to uni and starting anew. I’d moved around a lot, so I wasn’t too keen on gaining another set of friends; and I’m not all that good at making friends sometimes, because of my anxiety disorder. I was so anxious about moving, and I still struggle on a day to day basis, and I want to talk about being that kind of Jaffy.

This isn’t a sad post!!!! Please do not pity me!! Mental health is just a part of everyday life, and having a mental illness is something that isn’t discussed openly enough. Last year I could hardly find anything on moving and adjusting to a new city that specifically helped ME, and I don’t want that for anyone else, ever.

Moving is hard full stop. Packing up everything you know and going to a new place, whether it’s in another town state or country, especially without knowing anyone around you, is terrifying no matter who you are. Everyone gets anxiety about these kinds of things of course – if you don’t, you’re a sociopath. But if you have a mental health disorder, everything can seem to be just that bit more daunting. A new environment, new schedule, and new people is what did it for me. Knowing that I had to do everything without the support of my parents and friends everyday by my side, knowing that I would have to explain to all these new people why I couldn’t hang out constantly, THAT was daunting.

But here I am, and good lord it’s been hard, but everyone nowadays is so understanding and open to new ideas that there was no way I could ever be excluded or discriminated against at the University for being me. The workplace is a different matter I’ve found out – and that’s another obstacle for down the line. My teachers are amazing and making new friends who aren’t assholes has really helped too.

So, to summarise, talk about mental health more. I feel like everyone is constantly talking about their bad ankle, or a faulty wrist, and it really should fall under the same category. Society has come so far, and you really don’t realise it until you’re out in the big wide world and actually integrated within it. But unimelb if you’re reading this – please make appointments for the free counseling more accessible. Momma needs her fortnightly breathing exercises and rant to a complete stranger.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. You’re right – it’s hard. But you’re here. And that matters. Thank you.

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