Just as expected

Not getting much done this week. But knew that already. Caught up on all the 😴 I missed out on and having reduced my study load, got a lot of time to enjoy life and mull over stuff.

Not what regular students are expected to do! University is supposed to be the time where you slog over assignments and spend sleepless nights worrying over grades. But not everybody is in the same boat. Me for one, I am trying to find a work-life balance where I can manage my 📚📖 with the rest of my life. Haven’t found the sweet spot yet, but will get there someday.

My recent grades in the H2’s really gave me a fright. To the point that I thought, maybe the course isn’t for me. I am more worried about my job prospects with grades like these than anything else. But then, I am trying my best. Surely there are companies out there looking for people like me. Who will look beyond mere numbers and see me as a person wanting to do better in life, in there for the long haul.

So, keeping calm and carrying on ✌️


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