Just Another F🌺ing First Year no longer

Just finishing subject selection right now, only an hourish left to avoid that late fee.  So yeah Uni has taught me to be really organised…

I’m kidding, hah hah.  I’m also really funny.

Hah. h a    h


So I don’t really know what happens now with this blog because I mean, it is for first years and I’m not really that for much longer.  But I’ll really miss writing these, even though I’m pretty sure it’s only us bloggers who read the posts.  Even though I’ve never met you guys I do feel like I know you all well.  It’s crazy to think I could bump into the real you and never know, maybe we need a blogger’s zoom since we’re still spread all across the world?

In any case, Merry Christmas to everyone!!


Tonight’s Listening:  ‘My Baby Just Cares for Me’ by Nina Simone (saved the best till last)

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