Hello hello I’m eli

Hello? Hello hello? I’m elisa or as my username states elifont. This is my very first blog post and I’m thrilled to be one of your first-year bloggers!

Aside, from the fresh new air that smells different with a twinge of cold picking at my nose hairs and drinkable tap water that rattles my skull to figure out whether the pipes are separated and cleaned, I’m excited.

Before I arrived in Melbourne for the first time on official business (that doesn’t involve stuffing myself and indulging at every shop I can see in a 20km radius) I was shaken. I hadn’t even begun packing the morning of the day I was meant to leave AND I only had 20kgs. Can you imagine having to fit your entire life into a suitcase with the weight of an undernourished child? (Real, 2023) 

It was 5 in the morning, my hair ran through by my hands for the 20th time that hour and I had just opened the sweetest goodbye letter from one of my friends, did I stop and noticed that this wouldn’t be my room anymore. This box painted blue wouldn’t be where I’d spend my moments of serenity, bewilderment or agony. (can you tell I’m dramatic?)  It was a sudden wave that shook through me, manipulating my vibrations and leaving me unsteady. But my friends’ obnoxious voice rang through my head and he was screaming “POSITIVE ENERGY”. It was always something we said to each other that reminded us to push, to aim further to (as cheesy as it sounds) try. So I channelled more ‘positive energy’ than I did during my IGCSEs and flew here from Michelle Yeoh Land. 

I’m currently undecided on my major but I am a Bachelor of science student, like the 4000 other students on campus. I’m not the most out outgoing person and I listen to sad music religiously. Probably will on graduation day too–however, ironically upbeat music only for my funeral. My guilty pleasure is book-to-screen adaptation although, insert every book-to-screen reader’s catchphrase “the book was better” and I mean it (looking at you Shadow and Bone).

So I guess what I’m saying is I know it’s different and I know it’s going to be hard but just try. Campus is lovely and the freedom that suffuses the air is unparalleled. Behind on assignments? So is everyone else. Didn’t do as well as you expected on your first test? I bet a lot of people didn’t as well too. Overwhelmed and watching Netflix on your bed? same. Also, stay hydrated because the tears lost crying over assignments need to be replenished one way or another and sadly we can’t photosynthesise.


image description: you flying off to uni. (or out of your house if you’re a domestic student)

5 thoughts on “Hello hello I’m eli

  1. I love how you ended your blog! It’s very comforting and funny haha. Wishing you all the best, eli!! (^3^)/

  2. Loved this! I laughed and giggled throughout this piece. Also, agree with Sofia, the ending image was chef’s kiss.

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