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A new theme

We’re excited to announce the release of a new theme, which takes advantage of the WordPress Block (Gutenberg) editor, and brings blogs.unimelb into line with the latest official templates.

Which theme is my site using?

The quickest way to check which theme your site is using is to look at the logo in the top left corner of the page. The old, large square, ‘floating’ logo indicates the old theme. A smaller logo, entirely enclosed in the blue band, indicates the new theme. If you have access, you can also […]

Block News Listing

We’ve just added a new component to the Live Shortcodes Plugin, that lets you display posts using the Block News Listing from the Design System. Just click the Add Shortcodes button above the editor. (If you don’t have Live Shortcodes enabled, just ask via the helpdesk.) Select the Block News Listing module from the options. […]

Tabbed navigation

You can now have tabbed on a page in your site, including the home page. Tabbed navigation requires you to create at least two pages, a parent page, and one or more child pages (we don’t recommend more than three). The content you put on the parent page will be visible as the default, first tab. The content […]

Adding a Twitter feed to your site sidebar

Embedding a Twitter feed into a sidebar on your site is a relatively straightforward process, but there are few steps involved. First up, see this post for details on how to get the Twitter embed code, and how to add it as a widget to your site: Next, because our theme isn’t automatically setup using […]

Do the maths

Did you know that LaTeX┬áis supported out of the box on our WordPress installation? So, assuming you know your syntax, you can just start using it. For more help, refer to the edublogs guide. Need more power? We can now enable, on request, Mathematica Toolbox, and MathJax-LaTeX. Just raise a helpdesk ticket for these to […]

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