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  1. Week 2: The Big Sick

    Hi again everyone! It’s Amity from the first year blog- back for more 🙂 I actually meant to write this last week but in true second-year fashion I was too busy and completely forgot. So here goes. Anyway. Week 2, off to a great start. There’s a cold going around campus, or at least going […]

  2. Jobless No More – Phoebe

    Week 8 already?! Time flies when you’re having fun (or more like insanely busy). I’ve been crazily busy since the mid-sem break because… I’ve recently got a J-O-B! Yes folks, it’s true, I’m officially an employee! I really like the people I’m working with, and I really enjoy payday (let’s be real, who doesn’t!) but […]

  3. A Guide to Careers & Employment (Part 1) (Hiruni)

    I’m hoping that my neglecting to post for a while can be excused this time, because I’ve got some exciting resources for you to try! (Well, as exciting as writing resumes and planning your career can be…). If, like I did, you spent your whole high school career focusing on study rather than employment, the […]

  4. On money, on studying part-time/working part-time.

    Studying part-time this semester! I think! Maybe! I’ve been offered enough shifts at work (yessss I found work just before the start of this semester – go figure that it took me that long and I didn’t even have time to earn lots of money from it 🙁 but hey!) that I could work part-time […]

  5. Better and better (Silvia)

    It’s been, what, two or three weeks since exams have finished and I finally had the courage to peek at my results. By peek, I mean squinting at the monitor as the results page loaded so everything appeared fuzzy just in case I got a very terrible score. It took about fifteen seconds for me […]

  6. Perhaps one semester without any disasters? + Volunteering!

    Well – I got lots of last posts biggest issues sorted out. I now have a home to live in! It’s old and crappy and the location sucks, but it’s cheap so I can’t complain! I also have a roof over my head so definitely can’t complain! Meanwhile though I’ve fallen in love with my […]

  7. I’m Looking To Canberra [Daniel]

    So I’ve been holidaying it up in Canberra with my sis (woo, party animal me), seeing how things are holding up for her in the post uni, post Melbourne, exodus. And aside from the usual Canberra jokes, and lack of events….   (oh how I am loathe to say this) It’s a pretty nice city. […]

  8. Freaking out and panicking, with good reason

    I'm STILL having terrible luck with this life thing.

  9. Now freak out and panic

    I’m going to see if I can summarise this. Eviction notice (landlord wants to move in) Housemate moves out, refuses to pay rent anymore even though she said she would until we find someone else to live with us We can’t afford to cover her rent Mum decides that she’s not going to be my […]

  10. *Flashy music for a flashy entrance* (Silvia)

    After the tragedy of last semester’s results, I vowed to devote my mind, body and soul to my studies. I saw myself butt-superglued-to-chair with a pile of textbooks and notes in front of me. I saw myself scribbling away into the wee hours of the night and waking up at the crack of dawn to […]

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