What a week and a half… (Lara)

I’m not sure whether to say a lot has happened the past week, or not too much. On Wednesday last week not too much happened, just a normal uni day (my longest out of the 5, 8am-4pm), followed by dinner at college which I remembered at the last minute was a hall night so I ran down the stairs putting my gown on as I went..

On Thursday I had my second animals in society lecture which was very interesting, our discussion session that day was also quite amusing in some ways. The topic was an ad for a car in which a cat is looking through the sunroof then it closes, and the cat’s head falls off. It’s always cool seeing things like this spark up a hugely animal-passionate debate. After this I went to one of the libraries to read over my maths stuff once more for an hour, then I went to the maths building to do my exam, which went for 3 hours and 15 minutes, or so.

When I got back to college, I found out on the intranet system thingy we have here what was for dinner that night, which turned me off eating so I skipped dinner that night. After everyone finished dinner we had our first corridor activities. My corridor lower yellow/green stuck everything and anything to our walls, and now it looks great. Maybe I’ll post some pictures up when my camera isn’t so dead.

That night was also really funny because at one point I had at least 20 people crowded into my room dancing to this funny song/video which someone bought up on my computer….come to think of it that Thursday night was one night where everyone seemed to get on and work together really well, it’s always like that here, but you could really notice it that night.

After everyone had slapped as much stuff as they could onto the walls, we all went back to our rooms. I lay in bed till a ridiculous time watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy…I’ve only just discovered the college network where you can watch other people’s movies, listen to their music, share photos etc. only halfway into the episode I had a knock at my door by this guy across from me telling me how he knew exactly what I was watching, which freaked me out for a second then I realised he was in the guy’s room who I was accessing the show from.

Anyway, on Friday I went to uni again at 8am till 3pm, then I rushed home and grabbed my stuff and caught a tram then a taxi to Spencer St. Station, to catch the skybus to the airport. I went to Sydney for the weekend and only got back yesterday. On the Friday night I went to one of my best friend’s 18th which was heaps of fun and it was great to finally catch up with all my friends, my parents and to see my puppy, Floyd! I didn’t end up getting to sleep until 6am the next day, because we went out to the city after the party at Misty’s house, then when I got back I spent hours catching up with my mum!

The next night I went to a 21st which also resulted in another late night of partying and clubbing. I got 4 hours sleep then flew back to Melbourne, only to realise I should have booked a later flight back because I didn’t really get time to catch up with my parents as much as I wanted to, and I didn’t get to go into my old work at the pet shop and see everyone.

I think I sound really boring in this entry… I didn’t go to uni today because I’m so tired and when I got to Sydney I found out one of my friends I’ve known 11 years died in a freak accident from being impaled on a fence. It hit me hard when I found out, but I didn’t realise how hard it hit me until I got back to Melbourne. Last night my boyfriend came around here to see me, it cheered me up but by the end I was in tears. I’m so grateful for him though, we’ve been really close friends for over 2 years and together for just under 4 months and everyone tells me how much we fit together, which makes me so happy :D.

I found out the funeral is on Thursday in Sydney at the church which we always went to for school, but I don’t think I’ll go back, funerals really hit me hard.

So yeah, today I didn’t wake up till 1pm anyway. I’m spending the rest of today learning what I would have learnt today anyway, and I have tomorrow off which I’m going to keep going on my animals in society essay so that I can get it finished before my college ball, which is next Thursday, I can’t wait for that!

Tonight is an event for water polo, the AGM where the new exec. gets voted in, then we all go out, I’m not sure if I’ll go though, it seems like another huge night which would be 3 in 4 days and I think I need a break! Haha.

I hope everyone else is enjoying all the different aspects of their new uni life, I know I am!


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