Hi! My first blog ever…

Firstly; my excuse for never having written before = email black hole (like where all my socks go… but online) AND laziness.

SO, now I am starting. And second up will be my introduction:

My name is Anouska. I’m a first year doing straight arts at Melbourne 🙂
My subjects are Psychology (which I’m hoping to major in), Philosophy, Criminology and French. I live with my parents, week on week off as they’re divorced. Also with my brother. BUT I am hoping to move out next year. I enjoy dancing with no music, conspiracy theories, drooling from laughter, photos that capture moments exactly, being able to stay in bed when it’s raining, lazy days in the sun and water, feeling intelligent, themed parties and much much more.

Now, a little about last semester:
WELL, my o-week was horrible. On about Wednesday-Thursday I made friends but beforehand it was terrible and scary and I cried and thought I would never have friends. But; after Arts camp (best thing ever) and semester mingling I ended up with THE most amazing group of friends and a lovely more than friend. The semester consisted of many themed parties (for no reason), socialising, general rowdiness OH and some uni. I somehow managed to pass all my subjects (despite having one day where I sat in the middle of the brick path near South Lawn with my laptop and churned out a philosophy essay that was very late AND not generally not studying until the day before exams).

I had a marvellous holiday consisting of a 3 and a half week solo Eurotrip where I went to Paris, Amsterdam, Milan and London. Many hilarious things happened, great people were met, but best of all were the lessons I learnt, confidence I gained and decisions I made.

This week (first week) I made those decisions actions by joining M-ASS, buying a ticket to the M-ASS trots thing, (anyone going to that?), buying books early and taking notes in all lectures… and doing this 🙂 OH! and I started to fill out the form to join the Student Union.

Today my friendship group and I also caught word that some people consider us the “big, cool, arts group” and are INTIMIDATED by us. That got us ridiculously excited because we’re neither very cool NOR intimidating so we’re being silly pretending it’s true.

ANOUSKA’S ADVICE: (Ill try to have this every entry):
Okay so if you are sitting on South Lawn and nature calls AND you are a female I have ‘quelques conseils’ (some advice) on where to go. We have all experienced horrific times in public bathrooms so today I am here to help.

Top 2:

1. This is the CLEANEST and always empty. Go to the “Electrical & Electronic Engineering” building entrance which are the slidey doors on the lawn level. Walk down the hallway to the end. I’ve found that teachers look at you oddly but pretend you’re meant to the there. Then again, once I was wearing glasses made of pipecleaners… ANYWAY- turn left at the end, go down the stairs, turn left, go through the doors, right and down the hallway. Voila. Absolutely pristine bathrooms. You’d be surprised as to how much this can brighten your day.

2.This one provides me with amusement SOMETIMES. Level 1 of the Old Arts Building. Walk into the bathroom, go to the cubicles on the LEFT hand side, then the cubicle to the far left. This is more difficult as sometimes it may be occupied and if you wait for it you may be considered a freak. Also it DOES get cleaned by cleaners/fairies/? which wrecks the fun BUT I’ve found people are persistant. With what you ask? With graffitti. And we’re not talking your usual philosophical readings, love proclamations or jabs at art students… we’re talking PICTURES! Cute little guys with balloons or kites or bicycles etc etc etc. They change every two weeks or so. Definitely worth checking out.

Okay well that’s all for this time, sorry it was so long!


3 Responses to “Hi! My first blog ever…”

  1. Exodius says:

    Great to see you here!

    Honestly, I did not blog that much, either. But I still checked this site now and again.

  2. Finally! A fellow psycho….logy person!

    I think when I retire from the excesses of high finance I’m going to kick it down a gear and dedicate my life to chronicling the vast works of cubicle graffiti around Melbourne and selling it to The Guggenheim.

    My favourite from the ground floor of the Alice Hoy building:

    The logo for the brand of hand-dryer depicts a kangaroo and an emu either side of a dryer, the kangaroo drying its hands/paws.

    A very pragmatic person drew a speech bubble: says emu to kangaroo: “I will kill you and take your hands.” Indeed this university is grooming our next generation of leaders.

    I like your writing style and ever so slightly off-key sense of humour, welcome abroad. :mrgreen:


  3. Kripa says:

    WELCOME! ur first blog reminded me of my first blog of introducing myself.
    Anyway, thanks for letting us know abt the toilets. I bet they’ll help me!

    Have fun!

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