Student elections, major dilemmas and the long awaited break (Adeshola)

We’re more than half way through second semester. In fact, eight weeks in and the scary thought that second year looms upon us not too far in the distance has popped up. It’s been awhile since I last posted, as Uni has been quite hectic lately. Let me fill you in with what has been happening.

Student elections- You know its student election week when ‘I’ve already voted’ becomes the most used phrased at uni. Stepping onto the Uni grounds on Monday morning, I was confronted with countless numbers of coloured t-shirt campaigners. They were everywhere. And they were keen to get your vote. While I’m all for voting, the method in which some of the parties tried to get your vote seemed to be backfiring. Still, I voted, I survived my first student election week. Challenge completed!

A major problem- No pun intended, I’m having serious trouble deciding what I intend to major in. The difficulty with the Bachelor of Arts is that the broadness of it means that its common to become overwhelmed with the choices you have of what subjects to major in. You can choose to do either a single or double major. Personally, I think a double major would suit me better as it gives me more direction in my degree. While I’m set on doing Media & Communications as a major, I’m stuck on what else to choose. Psychology, Sociology, Criminology? So many options! It appears the holidays will definitely be spent researching what path I wish to take.

Clubs and societies- I’ve been quite busy with my involvement within both M-ASS (Melbourne Arts Student Society) and the Media & Communications Student society. I’ve found it to be such  great opportunity to develop skills of organisation, communication and initiative while meeting some wonderful people. There’s numerous Clubs and Societies on campus and I definitely encourage future students to become involved with those that interest them.

Two week break- After many essays and readings, the break is finally within four days reach. With the fast paced semester, I definitely feel I need this break. I’ll hopefully be using it to catch up on some uni work, get ahead with my assignments and hopefully find some time to relax and rejuvenate for the final leg of semester when we return.

Wishing everyone a lovely last week of semester. With the temperature on the rise, I’m sure the break will bless us with some lovely weather!



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  1. Hey Daish! Hope that you’ve been enjoying the holidays and nice blog entry 🙂 Have you had decided what to do as your major yet?

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