Serendipity (Benjamin)

∑±FOIHREQ ≥∞ !!!

Sorry, you just startled me right there by clicking on that link and opening this blog.  I wasn’t quite ready for you yet as I was putting the finishing touches to a couple of things.  But anyway, hey!  I’m Ben’s brain, nice to meet you too.

When I’m not busy thinking of quirky anecdotes, attempting to be witty and making jokes that would make my Dad proud, I do enjoy long walks on the beach, shower singing and admiring myself in the mirror.

I kid.  That’s just Ben.  LOL

(And he’s going to hate me for writing this too, excellent 😀 )

I, on the other hand (pardon the idiom which can’t apply to me), enjoy analysing everything in Ben’s life to the nth degree, have a soft spot for sugar and am currently pondering those deep questions in life, like why do I always fall off the edge on Rainbow Road.

Anyway, you’re probably asking yourself a lot of things right now, but one of those things must surely be: ‘Ben’s Brain (BB for short), what utter tosh that you are currently chilling independently of your owner Benjamin and are up to shenanigans!’  Naturally, you are incorrect.  Y’see, Benjamin woke up late today and quite metaphorically and literally ‘left his brain in bed’ shall we say.  So now I’m just quickly getting through the list of things to do and borrowing his computer whilst he’s busy playing Tiggey with his cats… Oh dear.  He just walked past our room now to check up on me, judging from those lacerations, I would warrant that he is losing and that his tagging technique is slightly off.  Sigh, another thing to teach him.

Well before y’all decide to do something slightly more interesting like making a shampoo Mohawk or pressing alt f4, I guess I might as well fill you in on our holiday.  It’s been good, that’s for sure.  I have to say I’m happy that Ben’s been going easy on the old me (brain) cells too because really, I can’t grow them back and I already lose around ten thousand neurons a day… I didn’t read that in the K-Zone ‘did you know’ section either, I already knew that. 😛

So far, we’re in the process of completing our set work and trying to read over notes for the rest of semester.  With the examination dates having been released, we are (or at least I am) trying to plan out the next few weeks so as to maximise our time.  By having a game plan, it makes me less worried about the weeks ahead as I know what I’m going to expect as opposed to just jumping into the unknown.  And Ben too, of course 🙂

It certainly is good to be having a break fO Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?  Deny thy ..


Apologies, that was just Benjamin literally thinking of trolling us.  I apologise for that rude intrusion.  I shall punish him for that later by pretending to be asleep when he is concentrating or cause him to make a mistake next time he’s integrating some rate law or something… Wait, I’d better not do that actually, that would be totally mean.  Mmmph.  Curse you heart for having morals.  I absolutely refuse to be associated with them.  They restrict me from being cruel, calculating and generally pretty evil.  God we’d make a good mad professor.  Except the fact that we’re not really a professor.  Ah well.

The weather’s been rather good, which has been great for maintaining my circadian rhythm… That was a bit of a non-sequitur so let’s follow that up with some more thoroughly unrelated things.  These holidays Ben has: tried that Bubble Tea drink (which, I have to say, is rather good actually, but really strange at the same time), proved to himself (or to me at least) that he will never be a professional gambler due to his propensity to lose at Poker and Mahjong, for reasons unbeknownst to me has had good chats with his dog in French (which, of course the dog did not understand.  Barking mad I tell you…) and had great fun at the Monash Science Ball (yes, he is a traitor and I despise him for it) getting taught how to dance by his somewhat unimpressed laoshi 😛

Okay, Benjamin has just come back now, looking a bit worse for wear might I add after those cats.  I did warn him…  But yes, I should probably get going now and let you get on with whatever you were previously doing like respiring aerobically/looking up wiki how articles.  I might try talk with you again if I get the chance, but otherwise it’ll be Benjamin.  Don’t worry though; he’s almost as dashing and amusing as I am.

Rightio, farewell!


B.B. feat. Benjamin xx


5 thoughts on “Serendipity (Benjamin)

  1. Oh my gosh, wow B. B its nice to hear from you, I hope we can hear more in the future. And I haven’t read K- zone in ages 😀 Hope the rest of your break is fun 🙂

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  3. @ Monique: This is Benjamin speaking… Haha thanks, B.B. says hey 😛 How good was K-Zone! I just found my stash the other day, wicked find. Hope your break was good.

    Hello Sarah! Would this happen to be a language analysis passage? 🙂

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