My first 2 Weeks Back (Bella)

Wow, as if we are approaching the start of Week 3. Time really flies at unimelb!

I hope everyone is enjoying their classes so far – I know I am! Here’s a quick summary.

Class 1: Mind, Brain and Behaviour 2

I am so looking forward to this whole subject! We are studying developmental psychology at the moment, and a few things coming up are social psychology, clinical psychology and conducting an experiment. I am quite excited to write the lab report for said experiment – even though it will be challenging, it’s going to be awesome to say at the end “hey, I just conducted a study and wrote my own report!” Haha.

Class 2: French 6

After surviving French 5, which I found so difficult at first, I am feeling a lot more confident now in French 6. We get to learn about conversation, and how it’s evolved over time in France (and also in other parts of the world!). There is an upcoming trip to the Ian Potter Gallery on campus for this class. It will be great to go there as I’ve never been, and also to practise analysing art… in French!

Class 3: Law in Society

I wasn’t really sure what to expect in this subject, but it’s great! Definitely provokes some great discussions. We get to learn about how people interact with the law, what it’s boundaries are, and how people belonging to various sub groups interact with the law in different ways.

Class 4: Spontaneous Drama: Improv and Communities

This is my breadth subject this semester, run by the MGSE (Melbourne Graduate School of Education). I love the impro games we play, and it was super interesting learning about the history and principles of ‘Commedia dell’Arte’. This is a style of improvisation developed in Italy. There are several set characters (each has their own mask which assists in expressing their personality) and set storylines – but no script! And the characters have pretty cool names, like Arlecchino. To me, that sounds a bit like a type of coffee, but apparently it means ‘harlequin’, haha!

Enjoy the rest of second semester!

– Bella 🙂

5 Responses to “My first 2 Weeks Back (Bella)”

  1. nicolen says:

    What? You have four classes? Damn, I wish can take four subjects per semester!

  2. Bella says:

    You have more!? Wow, how many does music have?

  3. nicolen says:

    Five subject per semester. If we overload in the summer/winter intensive, it would be four.

  4. nicolen says:

    Diploma students with a Bachelor Degree are worse. Most of them have horrible clashes.

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