Things that Music Students Say/Hear

I feel a little down, and trying to survive this semester till mid semester break. Normally, I would write a mid semester summary, and other things, but I don’t think I’m in the right state to do so. So, here’s a funny post, and hopefully it makes people’s day.

Note: I swear a lot in my practise sessions, and also it’s not going to be in order. It’s going to be a stream of consciousness type of blog post this week.


Pianist: Hanon time!
Other instruments: Technique time!
Scales and arpeggios, they never do stop
Oh my god, I love this section
Wait, why did I choose this piece?
Ugh, my hands are cold!

Who is practising the same piece as me?
Oh my god, who is it, seriously?
Oh, I wanna know. *Opens the door* Oh, sorry, wrong practise room.
A ha! Now, I know who it is!

Who is practising that piece?
Hmm.. it must be (lists all of the people who is playing that piece).

Oh (insert friend’s name) is practising! *crashes their practise session*
Man, they are good.
That piece is coming along well.
Oh, they are a little off, but that’s okay. They are getting better!

Oh, dammit, somebody’s in the toilet. (that single cubicle in the women’s room at the basement)

*Makes a mistake* Oh, (insert swear word)
*Makes a mistake for the second time* OH (insert swear word)
*Makes a mistake for the third time* Oh my god
*Makes a mistake for the forth time* COM’MON!
*Makes a mistake for the fifth time* Whatever.

I’m tired from practising
I need a coffee
I need sleep
Damn, that was intense practising
I need to do better practising
What was that practising session?
Well, that was productive.

Why did I choose this piece?
Why is this hard?
I like this piece… because it’s easy to do… now. Hahahahahahahahhahaha.

Slow practise – When is this piece/part going to end?
Oh my god, it’s really slow.
How many pages to go?
Only four pages? Ugh…
Keep going, only two more pages.
I’m getting sick of slow practise.
Too slow to Handel for me (hahaha)
Slow practise will do good, my teacher says. It will be beneficial, my teacher says. Dear god help me.
*Finish slow practise* Thank god.
That took a while…

Concert Class
Let’s sit on the balcony!
What? Balcony isn’t open. NOOO!!!
Oh damn, I can’t see the pianist hands
Oh damn, I can’t hear them
Oh daym, their performance outfit looks nice
I wonder where did they get their performance outfits from?
I should perform in Concert Class one day. LOL NOPE.
Oh damn, he/she was good.
Oh my god that part was amazing.
Why’s everybody so good?
Wait? Am I good?
*Friends performing* KJSKDFKJSJKFSKFJDNF!

What do I even say on the comment sheets?
I mean they were pretty good, but I have absolutely have no idea what do say. Hahahaha.

Oh, I’m performing
Oh, damn, that is a lot of people in the audience.
Oh dear god.
Let’s just get this over and done with.
Let’s just have fun.
Breaaathheeeeeeeee in andd outttttttt.

Instrumental Class
Who’s taking the masterclass?
Oh, him/her…
I wanna sleep.
*Melba Hall* Doses off to sleep
What’s the time?
Damn, how good were they?
He/she gave good stuff/comments.
Oh god, they are not going in order.
Should I perform today?
Should I not go today?
Should I not go today so I do not perform today?
Should I go to instrument class and risk it?
Whatever, let’s do it.
God, I’m not ready.
I hope they don’t call my name.
“Who want’s to perform?” I DO!
I wanna go first, but I’m afraid I’m going to stuff up.

Private Lessons
I hope I get good comments today
I hope my teacher doesn’t say anything bad today
I hope I don’t play bad today
I want to play good today
Yes, I practised for two/more than two hours every day
Yes, I did slow practise
Yes, I did do it on metronome
Blah, I made a mistake
Shoot/blah/alsjfkdjfadjfa (when making a mistake)
That was an okay lesson
I wish I did better
I’ll practise harder this week

After lessons
I just want to sit in the corner and redeem myself after that intense lesson

Aural studies
(insert swear word) I made a mistake
Oh yeah, high mark
Crap, I need to practise now
*conducts and sings on public transport*
*conducts and sings at home*
*Claps on public transport/at home*
Family member: Shut UP!
Family member: Can you like not?
Family member: Could you please keep it down?
Family member: QUIEETTTTT!
Shoot, that was off tuned
Shoot, I forgot to practise
Ta ta ti ka ti ka ta (rest, but instead somebody claps)
That was out of tune
(insert swear word) I’m out of tune, (swears again)
That’s it, I’m going to sleep. Hahahaha.

Meeting new friends/when in Breadth subjects
“What instrument do you play?”
“What other instruments do you play?”
“I thought you were a science/arts student.”
“This is the first music student I have made.”
“I met a few music students before!”
“I have never met a music student before.”
“I played piano… but then I stopped when I was (year of age that stopped)”
“So, do you take music subjects?”
“Do you listen to Classical Music all the time?”
“How much do you have to practise?”
“How many hours is your contact hours?”
“Do you perform?”

Insert every curiosity question that is ever made for musos students.
I have encountered many questions as a music student, but I don’t mind answering them. 🙂

General Music students
What is your repertoire?
You’re playing the same piece as me? Uh *adds in who is playing the same piece as me list*
Who is playing in Concert Class?
More pianists?
OH, there’s (other instruments that is not piano, or your friends are playing). LET’S GO THIS WEEK! (It’s true, admit it man)
Diploma or Bachelor?
What instrument?
Which year?

At the basement
All the practise rooms are full!
All the sign up sheets are full! 🙁
God dammit, I couldn’t get the time I wanted
YES! I got the time I wanted
Damn, my favourite room is been taken.
Ohhh, my favourite room is not taken.
Anndddd, it’s already 15 minutes. Yes, I can have this room.
Still not done yet
Please give me another five minutes
*When sheets come up late* WHEEEREE’S THE SIGN UP SHEEETSSS?
That is a lot of people signing up
Shoot, I hope I get the time slots I wanted
Are there any rooms free?

Damn there’s a line
Oh, it’s long
Oh, free room!
I wonder when they are going to tune these up right pianos one day. Probably never. Hahaha
I wonder who is in that room
*Peeks in every room in the peeking hole*
Ahhh, I finally got a room after (amount of time waiting)
Should’ve went to the basement to steal a room.
Should’ve went to VCA to practise
Are there any rooms free?

Ah, shoot. Somebody book here?
I should book next time. (never does. Hahahahhaahaa)
Whatever, let’s looks at VCA for a room. Hahahahaha.
I hope the security guard doesn’t kick me out. Hahahahaha.


I hope everyone is surviving well. My absence shows that I’m really, extremely busy to be blogging weekly! So, I’ll probably have to blog every fortnight! Please send help, or please give me lovely hugs, just anything to make me feel that I’m satisfied with my day.

– Nicole

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