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  1. An update on the last 5 weeks or so (Lara)

    Very short summary, these last weeks have involved events such as: *Heading back to Melbourne a couple of times for water polo, and also to organise my semester 2 arrangements *Numerous parties (all of my friends seem to have their birthdays around this time) *Various outings to try to occupy my mind with more favoured […]

  2. Do I Move You? (Sophie)

    Things have been wonderfully busy and stressful as my holidays have turned into a “How much can I fit in 24 hours?” game. It is usually a good thing as I become so physically exhausted sleep is a haven that I fall into with ease…however at times my excitement at everything I’m involved with causes […]

  3. After (Rick)

    I slacked off for a few days after my first two exams, and went home for my brother’s birthday and helped out with getting ready the food and cleaning the house. When I came back I properly got back into study and read through my Introduction to Programming text book. I had that exam on […]

  4. – {Insert Title Here} – (Jeremy)

    DID you ever hear the story of the man who left the rainforest and travelled to the desert, to look for a tree? Or perhaps the story of the woman on the beach, searching for a shell to put to her ear, so she could hear the ocean? You probably haven’t, because I just made […]

  5. My story so far. In response to Sophie’s philosphy (Jim)

    I absolutely agree with ur comment except the last line. The meaning of life is to never be forgotten. i dont like that line, sorry. I follow another philosphy, learned from the book, “tuesday with Morries”. Everyone should read that book. It is an inspirational and entertaining book. Basically: love community, family and have a […]

  6. I got a lot of livin’ to do, and I ain’t got no time to waste! (Sophie)

    EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night I was so beyond-words-happy. Throughout my management exam instead of time to go, I thought of essays to go until vacation!!!! (Funnily enough more motivating than distracting) I am thrilled to finally get a chance to relax. It hasn’t quite hit me yet, and I’m still in high-stress mode….but tonight […]

  7. Super Smash Study Melee (Rick)

    SWOT Vac: -Monday for getting prepared. * -Tuesday for mucking around. ** -Wednesday for some hardcore study. *** -Thursday a break from hardcore study. **** -Friday to make up for the break and the party we are going to tonight. ***** * You know – washing, buying food, cleaning my room from the dust etc. […]

  8. Woe is Me (and anybody who has to deal with me) (Johanna)

    The last couple of days have been a massive reality check. Whilst I was spending my days making sure my throat was warm/moist/clear/limber enough to sing those sky-high notes and completely avoiding the fact that I am probably going to fail two subjects and lose my scholarship.. well, after my audition, it all hit home. […]

  9. Come sail your ships around me, And burn your bridges down (Sophie)

    Nothing like a bit of Nick Cave to pick you up in a dark moment – okay, perhaps most would take that comment as sarcasm, but in truth I adore his music and find it uplifting despite its dark edges. I have just been listening to “The Weeping Song” and “The Ship Song” – two […]

  10. Heaven Knows.. Anything Goes! (Johanna)

    *dances* Things are starting to look up a little! I’m auditioning for Anything Goes for the Geelong Lyric Theatre Society. It will be brilliant – I’m auditioning for Hope Harcourt, the debutante ingenue (she sings It’s Delovely with her love interest, Billy Crocker). So, if I do get in, I’ll also have to travel to […]

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