Nicole Davis: Forum Content Manager

Nicole Davis received her PhD from the University of Melbourne in 2023. Her thesis examined the social history of the shopping arcade in nineteenth-century Australia from a transnational perspective. She is a member of the Melbourne History Workshop based at the university, and a Research Fellow in history and sociology of education and qualitative data […]

Grimwade Centre Students Launch Scroll Vol. 3

In December 2023, Student Conservators @ Melbourne (SC@M) hosted an intimate celebration at the Grimwade Centre’s nearby watering hole, The Clyde Hotel, to congratulate the new Master of Cultural Materials Conservation graduates and officially launch Scroll Vol. 3. The student-led journal celebrates its third successful release in three years. Founded by the Grimwade Centre’s Master […]

Eliza O’Donnell

Eliza O’Donnell (PhD in Cultural Materials Conservation, 2024), The Painting is Broken: Understanding Issues of Authenticity and Art Attribution in Contemporary Indonesia The circulation of counterfeit paintings in the Indonesian art centres is a sensitive issue that threatens the cultural record and intellectual property of artists and their legacy. Since the beginning of Indonesia’s first […]

Meet Dr Sarah Corrigan, Allan J Myers Lecturer in Classics

In 2023 we were thrilled to welcome Dr Sarah Corrigan as the newly appointed inaugural Allan J Myers Lecturer in Classics (Latin Language and Literature). Dr Corrigan received her PhD from the University of Galway in 2017 and has since held fellowships funded by the Irish Research Council, working on a variety of projects. Dr […]

‘The Man’: Taylor’s Feminism Could Go So Much Further

In another Swiftposium-related SHAPS post, republished from Pursuit, Gender Studies PhD Candidate Dana Fahadi examines Taylor Swift’s feminism, exploration of hegemonic masculinity, and how she can do more as a role model. I’m going to say at the outset, I am a Taylor Swift fan. She is my Goddess and I am one of the […]

Creative Solutions for Conservation Challenges in Thailand

The University of Melbourne has been collaborating with Silpakorn University, Thailand, since 1995. Most recently, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Arts and Silpakorn University’s Faculty of Science and Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts. In March 2023 the University of Melbourne hosted an Incoming Research and Training Visit for residents of Silpakorn University’s Faculty of Science. During the visit, Assistant Professor Sutinee Girdthep and Dr Nattawan Worawannotai presented their work on the conservation of Thai heritage. Recent Master of Cultural Materials Conservation graduate Gen Schiesser reflects on the presentations below.

Laura Jocic

Laura Jocic (PhD in History, 2024) Dress in Australia: The Materiality of a Colonial Society in the Making The study of surviving items of dress offers a vital material source for historians that is commonly ignored. Dress sits at the intersections between necessity and self-representation, the assertion of social standing and cultural, economic and technological aspects […]

Feminist Critiques of Sex Difference Research

Feminist critics of sex difference research are often accused of claiming there are no sex differences, or that sex hormones have no influence on human behaviour. In this episode of the HPS Podcast, Professor Cordelia Fine joins Samara Greenwood to talk us through why this is a false characterisation. Instead, feminist researchers are digging into […]

Rabati 2023: Report on Georgian-Australian Investigations in Archaeology

The Georgian-Australian Investigations in Archaeology (GAIA) project is a research collaboration between the Georgian National Museum and the University of Melbourne. GAIA was established by the late Emeritus Professor Antonio Sagona and Dr Claudia Sagona. SHAPS’s Andrew Jamieson reports here on the 2023 season of the GAIA dig at Rabati, with contributions from Brian Armstrong, Giorgi Bedianashvili, Catherine Longford, Abby Robinson, Claudia Sagona and Martin Tomko.

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