'Nothing was to be lost by beginning at the beginning' (Simone)


Greetings to all!  Welcome to my very first blog post!

Just as Briony Tallis in one of my favourite novels, McEwan’s Atonement, declares, there is indeed nothing to be lost by beginning at the beginning – so who am I?! I’m a city gal who lives in the inner Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, loves books and writing, and has an interest in environmentalism, politics and following the AFL. I’ve spent two weeks of my long, beautiful summer holidays in Byron Bay with my family, many days having coffees and catchups with friends, and others fighting with inside-out, ripped and squashed green bags, and asking customers if they have Flybuys, at my casual job at Coles.

It’s been a brilliant break from the craze of last years study, and though I can’t really believe I’ll soon be back into the thick of assignments and exams, knowing I’ll be starting university soon is so exciting! Your whole school career leads up to this moment – or mine did. And so to have gotten into my first preference, at a beautiful Hogwarts-style campus, doing subjects I’m quite sure I’ll enjoy, is really awesome. Well worth the pain of year 12!

So in approximately 3 weeks – only! The time has flown! – is my first O-week at Melbourne Uni, and then I will begin a Bachelor of Arts. I’m not really sure what I want to major in next year yet; there are so many subjects that interest me. At the moment my three career aspirations are: to be a primary school teacher like my dad, a child psychologist, or an author/journalist, so suitably my first year at Melbourne consists of subjects in Psych, Creative Writing and Media and Communications.

Choosing an Arts degree seems perfect the moment; so much flexibility, and enough time to think deeply about life and The Future before I have to dig deep and commit to what I want to specialise in. In a comforting kind of way, my university subjects are very similar to my VCE subjects – I did 3/4 Psych in year eleven, Media, Literature, English, Health and Human Devel. and Further Maths in year 12.

I know it will be a bit weird and scary at first. The campus is huge (thank god for my ‘lost on campus’ app that both makes me look sociable on my phone and a lot less like a newbie holding out a giant map to find my class!), and while a few of my friends from school will be at Melbourne too, I won’t know anybody in most of my lectures and tutes. In some ways I miss high school a little, especially seeing my sister go off and meet all of her friends, skipping up the street in her checkered school dress and Madeleine style school hat/bonnet (actually, I think she drags herself there every morning and refuses to ever wear that hat)… but one door closes, another opens, as the cliche goes. Let it begin!




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