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Taking a leave of absence from University can happen for many reasons. In O-Week, I met a girl who had taken a year off to travel around South America and she said that it was the best thing that she ever did! However, I never considered I would do the same.

One week ago I was up at 5am to receive a Skype call telling me I had the job! In just one month’s time I shall be moving to St. Petersburg, Russia to start said job and I am so excited!

A few months ago I began a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course and it has opened so many doors! My new job as an English teacher in Russia is hopefully the first of many and I am extremely excited for the future. I had always hoped to continue at UniMelb and do the Masters of Teaching, and I still can! Should things not go so well in Russia, the leave of absence means that I can return to University and continue my Bachelor after one year. You can choose between different lengths of absence, but 12 months is usually the maximum.

Of course I am very upset to be leaving such amazing friends and family behind, especially my new friends at University whom I have only known for a few months! But I believe that this opportunity is too good to miss! Not only will I be able to gain more experience teaching, I will also be able to continue learning languages, travelling and maturing.

Though I have not yet been, I would love to recommend the leave of absence for those that are thinking about taking a year off from study. Sometimes, opportunities present themselves and it can be better to take them and see where it takes you instead of feeling bound to something else. University is important, and I have definitely benefited from my time at UniMelb, and would love to return, but I know that this is going to be a very important and memorable time for me! Don’t regret passing up on something wonderful!

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