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  1. Some of my favourite things…

    Something different for today’s post, a list. And everyone loves a good list. This list is what I’ve been up to lately. Enjoy! Studying. Submitting assignments before time. Drinking bubble tea. Sipping flat whites. Making coffee with the coffee machine at work. Started a new job. Attended a job interview. Drinking matcha lattes. Texting old […]

  2. So it begins!

    Was feeling lucky that my work schedule had worked out to allow me enough time to relax and finish studies… until I saw the tutorials schedule with tracked attendance and participation, all in work hours 🙇‍♀️  Can’t even drop the subject as it’s mandatory before the project next semester. Now I’ll have to accomplish double […]

  3. Hello! A new semester is now upon us, and the new year has already begun. Looking forward to a new year picnic at Carlton Gardens with the Graduate Education Society. Seminars have already started and I’ve already submitted two assignments early. Feeling motivated, at least to study, hope it lasts! Hope you’re enjoying some new […]

  4. Lockup woes

    They are harder for me than most people as I don’t have a family here and I end up being locked up in my room, not seeing humans for days, sometimes weeks on end. Coupled with restrictions on food that doesn’t last a whole week, closed libraries, limited recreation, no outdoor exercise for a dozen […]

  5. Buckling up

    Not much Uni-related going on for me this week. Did not get selected for back-to-campus job I had applied for at Uni or the Grad internship with GSA, so not much involved in start of the year activities 🙅‍♀️ I’ll be attending the orientation sessions I can (online 🥴) Heard the on-campus ones gave students […]

  6. Back in Business

    Got Business subjects in my study plan and now there’s peace at home. No more 💩 where it shouldn’t be. I haven’t added them for the next sem and I guess the 🤮 hairballs will stop after I do. Still looking for cat-groomers, can’t find any around. There are plenty for dogs but none for […]

  7. Massive Mess

    So, could not see business subjects in the study plan due to admin issues. Cat has been very upset about it and threw a massive fit, refused to use the litterbox and puked all over the house until she was sick #BossCat Not very convenient to cleanup, especially early in the morning on workdays. But […]

  8. Double degrees

    We made it! Got the 💌 today. Now Cat can study all about business and I’ll type away in peace. I think it’s too early to get her a graduation robe. Barry’s one will fit her perfectly though. I’ll get it next week 😝 For now, I have to select subjects, set up the time table […]

  9. 2020 vision and a little hindsight

    In defence of this year, 2020 has been a year of growth, of opportunity and of experience. The year, like many other catastrophic world events, has humbled us and brought us together to remember the important elements of life. It has long been touted as the most important aspect to one’s life, and that is […]

  10. Countdown to the new year

    Can’t wait for the New Year to start! But that’s me every year, looking for a reason to partyayy 😝 While the year has been trying, challenging and tough for most, I found it a lot more kinder to me than the previous ones. Being unemployed for a while and struggling on NewStart, JobSeeker was […]

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