Statistical Consulting Centre short courses

Each year I teach intensive short courses open to anyone. Statistics for research workers is offered every year.  You can find out more about Statistical Consulting Centre courses here.

The Statistical Consulting Centre also offers tailored short courses; I have collaborated on many of these.

Here are the Excel and RMarkdown files for Statistics for Research Workers, November 2022: SRW November 2022.

Here are the extras added during the course: Extras added during the course (updated).

Here are the demo files for many of the chapters: RMarkdown demo files for chapters.

Melbourne Statistical Consulting Platform workshops

I teach short, free (usually half-day) workshops for eligible University of Melbourne graduate research students and staff.

Producing Quality Graphs 2022

The Producing Quality Graphs workshop was held online on 28th and 29th September 2022.

Here is a handout for the second day: Minitab 20 Showcase

Here are some Excel files that may be used on the second day: 2022 MSCP workshop

University of Melbourne subjects

Ian Gordon and I teach an introductory statistical methods subject for post-graduate  students at the University of Melbourne; this is also called Statistics for research workers. The subject code is MAST90007.   I also assist with a post-graduate subject on consulting and applied statistics – The practice of statistics and data science (MAST90027).

I collaborated with Ian Gordon to develop two subjects in the Masters of Data Applied Analytics.  These are the foundation subject, Critical thinking with analytics (MAST91030) and Foundations of analytics (MAST90135). Ian and I co-ordinate these subjects.

I teach Quantitative Methods (MULT90054) in the Faculty of Arts.

Statistical literacy subjects 

I collaborated on the development of innovative subjects in statistical literacy at the University of Melbourne.

  • Critical thinking with data is a University of Melbourne breadth subject available to all first  year students. It teaches students to become critical users of data-based  evidence. You can find out more here.
  • Thinking scientifically is an online breadth subject for second year science students, which includes a substantial component about Thinking with data.
  • Data fundamentals is a free online series offered to University of Melbourne students as part of the Employment Fundamentals initiative.  It teaches the fundamentals of statistical literacy. It was developed in collaboration with Dr. Kim-Anh Lê Cao.


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