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  1. Pass or …

    Feels kinda weird with no one else posting anything, but I’ll do it anyways. Results haven’t been declared yet. I suppose it’s this week, not quite sure that I am out of the woods 🤞 The Career Bootcamp is half way through and the things I am learning are totally amazing. Also makes me realize […]

  2. Summer’s here!

    Loving the break 🥰 And now that the lockdown’s gone, life’s slowly going back to normal. I have got plans for summer that don’t involve worrying about the exam results due this week. Forget about passing with flying colours, I’ll celebrate if I just make it through in monochrome 😜 My local library is open […]

  3. What next?

    Must say, disappointed with the study modes for next semester. The dual-mode is only for a handful of subjects but most of them are online. Totally not going to work for me 😤 But I am not jumping on the next flight out of here and moving to Gold Coast just yet. I have worked […]

  4. Done with exams

    So much to do, and so little time [1] . That’s exactly how the exams went. Just glad they are over and done with and now I can enjoy summer. Not saying that the semester is over, just boring studies are. Looking for fun things to do at Uni and make new friends, slow and […]

  5. Found my motivation

    Exam season starts today 😥 Mine are in the second half of the month and maybe I’ll finish my revision by then 🤞 Having done my time in the unforgiving IT industry, I am now a big believer in having more “life” in the work-life balance. Yesterday’s 15-hour-coding marathon was a first in a very […]

  6. Study another day

    With no lectures and tutorials this week, I am spending most of my time at the Career and Employability department (virtually, of course), picking their brains on resumes, jobs and internships. The number of times I have been there, I am sure I’ll get a job as their ‘Official Doorstopper’, if nothing else 😜 Not […]

  7. Finally free ✊

    Today’s my last lecture for the semester and then I am a free bird 🦥 But I think I’ll miss them and the sense of normalcy they brought to my chaotic world where I couldn’t tell what would happen the next day but could always count on the lectures to be there, on time, like […]

  8. Trials and errors

    Last week’s experiment of not attending lectures totally blew up in my face. Turns out, I missed out on really important details about the assignment. I found it out over the weekend while going through the recordings, 3 days after the due date. Of course, I had to make the mistake that the prof specifically […]

  9. Back to studies

    Break is over and lectures are back. I am giving them a miss this week. I spend way too much time on zoom. Discovered last week that I can save time by not watching the same lecture thrice 🤦‍♀️ Trying to study smart and not just hard 😎 Cat isn’t missing management too much. Last […]

  10. Just as expected

    Not getting much done this week. But knew that already. Caught up on all the 😴 I missed out on and having reduced my study load, got a lot of time to enjoy life and mull over stuff. Not what regular students are expected to do! University is supposed to be the time where you […]

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