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  1. Boring news from the nail biter (Natty)

    I have started biting my nails again. This really annoys me because it took me three very dedicated months to kick the habit in the first place and then after just two weeks at uni I’m stressing out enough over work to like, totally ruin my french manicure ya know? Haha, I am being purposefully […]

  2. Yawn* Days off are tiring too! (Dan)

    Yay posting…. And now I’ve forgotten what to say. So I will describe my busy day. I woke up, found some clean pants, went out, bought presents, went to a friends place on the other side of the city, picked my little sister up and had saxaphone practice. Yay descriptive……… I need to work at […]

  3. What does and does not constitute work? {Tom}

    Again, note the squiggly brackets. They’re going to be quite a theme this year, so get used to them. Well, I just completed a weekend that I’d initially planned to dedicate to completing a week’s worth of “uni work”. I think the entire weekend can be summed up by the fact that I’m writing this […]

  4. My Most Recent Torrid Love Affair Gone Awry [Suzi]

    In other news, I fell asleep during my second lecture today. Not much else needs to be said. It was an accident; I have absolutely nothing against Accounting - but I fear it holds a vendetta against me. Behold, the evils of Counting Godz (A.K.A. The Numbersmen* – they rent out the name to an up-and-comin’ band from Reykjavik on weekends for extra profit.)

  5. 0 Week Experience, another one! (Daniel)

    Hello to everyone. I’m as the name say’s above ( or is it below?) Yoddeuss. This is mainly due to the fact that my real name was already taken and I have a penchant for aliases. Not that I’m too secretive just that it’ s because of a series of circumstances that I’m not at […]

  6. 2nd year, 2nd last year

    (**This might be my last post for the blog for as of today, I can already scoot over to ‘Back for Seconds’… but come to think of it, I did really look forward to making a post about tips for 1st year students so I might just save that for another post**) I just realised […]

  7. Moving On. Moving Out. Moving In. (Gianina)

    A week-and-a-half through my holidays (yeah, yeah i know. it’s getting obvious from my blog posts that I have this compulsion to always quantify stuff, especially time), I am slowly getting bored already. Uni takes up at least 60% of my time so once my classes ended, I am left with not much to do. One […]

  8. Taking care of that whole enrolment business (Gianina)

    It is done! Having just finished my last exam yesterday, this semester is officially over for me. I was able to sort of guess the topic for the ‘essay’ (for Beginner’s level, 150 words’ worth of writing is considered an essay) for German beforehand, so it was no great shock during the exam day itself. […]

  9. It's been a long time between drinks…

    So, Sara has been rather unnoticeably absent in this blog ever since she first started here. But it has been a busy year, which really isn’t much of an excuse, but let’s just pretend that it is and move on, shall we? Today has been a jam-packed day, and it pretty much sums up everything […]

  10. I would like to buy a hamburger (Gianina)

     [edit: make that 7(!) notifications, as of November the 19th] One down, two to go. I have just finished my 2nd last project for the year, and *gasp* have submitted it a day early. I just have one other project to go plus an exam for next week then I’m done for the year. Like some other […]

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